February 7, 2024

Avoid Losing Your P.I. Fees: 3 Tips for Vetting Bankruptcy Status

Welcome to another episode of the Georgia Bankruptcy Podcast! In today’s episode, we are addressing a crucial issue that injury lawyers in Georgia need to be aware of – the potential loss of their hard-earned fees due to a client’s undisclosed bankruptcy case. I’ll be sharing three essential tips on how to vet bankruptcy status, ensuring that you can protect your practice and your fees. This information is specifically tailored for Georgia attorneys, so make sure to tune in and learn how to safeguard your practice.

As an injury lawyer, you work tirelessly to secure fair settlements for your clients. However, what if a client fails to disclose their bankruptcy case, and the court later seizes their settlement? This scenario is becoming increasingly common across Georgia, and it can have devastating financial consequences for attorneys who have already invested time and resources into a case.

To avoid falling victim to this million-dollar catastrophe, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to vet your clients’ bankruptcy status. Here are three tips to help you navigate this potential minefield:

1. Conduct an Online Bankruptcy Status Check:

Thanks to modern technology, you can now easily verify whether a client has an active bankruptcy case. By performing a simple online check, you can access the necessary information to determine if your client is involved in bankruptcy proceedings. This step is vital before moving forward with any settlement negotiations or legal actions.

2. Utilize the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) System:

The PACER system allows attorneys to access federal court records, including bankruptcy cases. By utilizing this resource, you can gain valuable insights into your client’s financial situation and ensure that they have disclosed any bankruptcy filings. This extra layer of due diligence will protect you from potential surprises down the line.

3. Establish Clear Communication Channels:

Open and honest communication with your clients is key to avoiding any misunderstandings or hidden bankruptcy cases. Make sure to have a thorough conversation with your clients about their financial situation and specifically ask if they have ever filed for bankruptcy. Encourage them to be transparent, assuring them that it is in their best interest to disclose this information upfront.

In today’s episode, we have discussed the importance of vetting bankruptcy status to protect your practice and fees as an injury lawyer in Georgia. By following these three tips – conducting online checks, utilizing the PACER system, and establishing clear communication channels with your clients – you can avoid the devastating consequences of undisclosed bankruptcy cases.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Take the necessary steps to protect your practice and ensure that your fees are secure. To learn more about these essential strategies and how they can safeguard your practice, tune in to the full episode of the Georgia Bankruptcy Podcast. Your practice deserves the best protection possible.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure, and by implementing these proactive measures, you can avoid the pitfalls of undisclosed bankruptcy cases. So, don’t wait any longer – listen to the episode now and safeguard your practice! 

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