September 8, 2023

Busting Myths About Chapter 7

On today’s segment of the Georgia Bankruptcy Podcast, we are going to delve into the subtle complexities of Chapter 7. Chapter 7 is often shrouded in misconceptions, and it’s my goal to dispel these misconceptions, providing a lucid and unambiguous breakdown.

As I, your host Jeff Kelly, explain the common belief that filing under Chapter 7 is as simple as waving a magic wand is one of the myths I aim to debunk. The process involves many complex steps, and I provide a meticulous analysis to help navigate you through this labyrinth of bankruptcy law.

The significance of strong legal analysis before filing can’t be emphasized enough, and I am here to provide a wealth of information from my years of practice in northern Georgia. This isn’t just theoretical insight. I also share stories from my own career, illustrating the potentially problematic consequences when people rush into filing without adequate forethought. In a world of soaring real estate values and fluctuating exemptions, the choice to file under Chapter 7 can dramatically affect your monetary assets, even your homes.

Moreover, a pivotal issue is the median income test. I break down how your income establishes your qualification to file Chapter 7. Extending from there, I also discuss several pertinent topics, such as property sales, incurring inherited money, dealing with undisclosed lawsuits, and more. Mastery of bankruptcy law is my game, and my goal is to offer tangible solutions to any potential problem you might encounter.

You don’t want to miss out on this episode! I am committed to lighting the way to a debt-free life through each new revelation and explanation. So, buckle up, remember each detail, and head over to the website to grab my free book. Let’s look at your options together and work on your fresh start.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  •   Pros and cons of filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7.
  •   How to navigate the process if you own a business.
  •   An in-depth analysis of the ‘Median Income Test’.   
  •   Steps to protect your assets during bankruptcy.   
  •   Strategies for rebuilding your credit post-bankruptcy.

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